Pedro Pascal attends day 1 of the WIRED Cafe @ Comic Con at Omni Hotel on July 24, 2014 in San Diego, California (x)

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i have fantasies about having a pet dragon. but i’d also like to be one to fuck shit up. and ride it.

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What’s it like going from playing a hero to a villain? They’re both equally fun. The best part is discovering the qualities of a bad guy that don’t make him much different than a hero – that make him just like any of us. - Pedro Pascal [x]

Expectation vs. Reality (x)

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Do people snack on that set? What do they have?

"In Belfast there is a lot of tea going around. In Croatia, there were cheese and ham sandwiches that I couldn’t stop eating" [X]

Comic-Con 2014 - HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones' Cast Autograph Signing.

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Entertainment Weekly's portraits of the Game of Thrones cast

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God bless old people on the Internet. 


God bless old people on the Internet. 

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